27 April 2007

Whited Sepulchre

Thousands of people are being slaughtered in Somalia by troops of the US client-state, Ethiopia, with US-supplied equipment and ammunition under the US “Africa Command”. The small AU force in Somalia can hardly protect itself, let alone help anybody else.

The foreign war policy of the USA is conducted by a tiny group of “insiders”, over the heads of an ignorant public that is “taken for walkies” every day by a lying press and even worse television, using US military installations located in more than half of the world’s countries, including Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti. There are a few people in the USA who write against the tide. One of them is Chris Floyd. See the attached link for his blistering response to a lying report in the New York Times, the newspaper of the US Imperial intelligentsia.

Paul Wolfowitz is one member of the small clique of warmongers that run US Imperial policy. He is the President of the World Bank and currently under investigation for nepotism and corruption. Andrew Cockburn describes very well the direct connection between Wolfowitz’ warmongering activities prior to the Iraq War, his cronies in Washington, and the business with Wolfowitz' girlfriend. Follow the link.

Kumi Naidoo is Secretary-General of the funded but South-African-based NGO organisation, Civicus. Civicus is not noted for its anti-Imperialism but on this occasion the worm has turned. Naidoo calls for the resignation of Wolfowitz. See the link

The same USA is where they arrest and lock up children. See the truly shocking Counterpunch report by Sharon Smith, linked below.

Finally, Moneyweb’s Barry Sergeant thinks that he is on to something, and he should know, because he has been investigating South African financial skulduggery for many years. Follow the link below.

The picture above is of Mogadishu, Somalia, taken this month during a helicopter attack on people in the streets

Click on these links:

NYT Pushes Bush Line on Somalia, Chris Floyd, Lew Rockwell (1817 words)

Puppet of Iraq destruction, Andrew Cockburn, Guardian (887 words)

Wolfowitz, resign for World Bank credibility, Kumi Naidoo, Civicus (1228 words)

The Rights of Children in the USA, Sharon Smith, Counterpunch (1389 words)

A truly momentous occasion, Barry Sergeant, Moneyweb (779 words)

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  1. Anonymous01 May, 2007

    Githongo Calls on Wolfowitz to Resign

    WASHINGTON, D.C., April 30 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Asserting that Western admonitions about corruption to Africa and other developing regions are undermined by the misbehaviour of World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz, Kenya’s former permanent secretary for ethics and governance, Dr. John Githongo, has called on Wolfowitz to resign his post.

    “Corruption in Western capitals and in international financial institutions can do little but fuel the cynicism of corrupt officials in Africa and elsewhere,” said Githongo in a statement prepared for the news media. “When Paul Wolfowitz uses his influence as a US Government official and as president of the World Bank to fill the purse of his paramour (and, by inference, to line his own pockets as well), one can hear the cackling from state houses and presidential palaces all across Africa.”

    Githongo said: “Paul Wolfowitz should resign now, before his poor example and bad judgment are emulated by petty dictators and venal middle managers throughout the developing world.”

    He added: “Wolfowitz, of all people, should know better than to use his office for enrichment. He should be ashamed of himself.”

    Since being forced into exile by a hostile political climate in his native Kenya, John Githongo has been a fellow at St. Antony’s College at Oxford University. In February, he accepted an appointment at Queen’s University in Ontario as a research fellow at the International Development Research Centre, where he is collaborating on a major research initiative on Ethnicity and Democratic Governance.

    For further information, contact John Githongo at jgithongo@worldbank.org.


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