17 April 2007

We Are The News

Jacob Zuma, current Deputy President of the African National Congress, speaking to the COSATU KZN Shopstewards’ Council on Sunday, appeared to be addressing one of COSATU’s expressed concerns, namely that there is too much power in the state apparatus and not enough in the democracy. See the link below.

That’s good. Now what about representivity for the working class on the ANC NEC? And representivity for the youth, as well, please. And what about COSATU’s Jobs and Poverty Campaign? COSATU needs to have answers spelled out clear, and not just by Jacob Zuma. These are questions the people have put. Where are the answers? Let people give us the honest truth as to where they stand.

In Port Elizabeth, when an SACP and ANC member in the service of the city told the truth, he was fired. See the second item below. This is the Zanufication we have been warning about, which is the same problem Jacob Zuma was talking about on Sunday.

YCL National Secretary Buti Manamela had an article published in the City Press on Sunday demanding free education and the general opening of the doors of learning and culture. See the link. If the YCL did not say so, who would?

The Commander in Chief is the great Comrade Fidel Castro. He is still giving us an example. If only the whole YCL membership would write. We know that their leadership is urging them to do so. Some of them are afraid of the risk of making a mistake. How much more of a risk is it for Fidel? What happens if he makes a mistake? He is brave enough to do it. Let all our young people be brave like him

Madibeng Kgwete of Soshanguve wrote a brave letter to the Star, published yesterday. See the link. If you don’t do it you will never know if you can. This comrade made a good contribution.

Solomon Mahlangu died 28 years ago, killed by the apartheid regime. It is hard to believe it is so long since that day. Solomon is forever young and brave in our minds. The ANC named its school in Morogoro, Tanzania after him. That, too was a long time ago. It is good that the ANC Youth League is going to commemorate Solomon again, on the morning of the 22nd of April, in Mamelodi where he grew up. See the link.

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