18 April 2007

Re-open The Inquest

The Polish Ambassador to South Africa, Romuald Szuniewicz, responded to an enquiry as follows:

“I return your greetings and thank you for making me aware of the article in the Morning Star of 12 April 2007 about a "campaign" in the city of Radom waged by a local man who has petitioned the city council demanding that it changes the name of a street to commemorate Janusz Walus. Apparently, this one man campaign does not enjoy any support from his fellow citizens of Radom, local or central authorities or political parties. I am sure that the city council will treat the petition with the contempt it deserves.”

See the first link for South African media response to this matter.

It appears that the Janusz Walus anti-communist naming story is not an isolated one. There is a big witch-hunt going-on in Poland. Hundreds of thousands of communists and others are being persecuted, required to sign self-incriminating forms, and threatened with the sack if they refuse. The former President is being set up for humiliation as a public scapegoat. See the second link.

The new anti-communist President is the identical twin brother of the new anti-communist Prime Minister. But this comical touch should not take away from the seriousness of the wave of anti-communism throughout this large and important country, Poland.

In the nature of the thing, if the anti-communists are not stopped they are bound to start exporting anti-communism. The proposal to name a street after Chris Hani’s murderer is an attempt to do just that. It is an international anti-communist provocation. This phenomenon is not something that has passed already, or is dying away. It follows the banning of the Young Communist League in the Czech Republic and similar events elsewhere. It is danger.

In Britain meanwhile, white South African terrorists (e.g. Lambertus Nieuwhof and Arthur Kemp) have found a happy home in the fascist organisation called the British Nationalist Party (BNP). These are people who were investigated and released for, among other things, complicity in the murder of Chris Hani. See the link to the very recent article in the Guardian (London) about it.

See also the link to the South African YCL’s media release concerning the Walus naming proposal in the Polish city of Radom, home of the original anti-communist “Solidarity” (Solidarnosc) so-called union, which is the fore-runner to the white racist “Solidarity” so-called union in South Africa today.

The bottom line is that the inquest on the death of Chris Hani must be opened as soon as possible, and all these leads followed up exhaustively.

In Iraq, the prestige and morale of the Communist Party is high. See the final link below.

The picture is of Ruth First, once National Secretary of the YCL SA, also assassinated.

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