16 April 2007

Poles to name street after Janusz Walus

This one is urgent enough for a special. It is an article on Poland from the London communist daily newspaper, the Morning Star. See the document linked below.

The article says that names are being changed in Poland to erase the memory of the communist past. In the particular case of Janek Krasicki Street in the city of Radom, the proposal (and it seems these proposals usually go through) is to rename the street after Janusz Walus, the murderer of the late SACP General Secretary, Chris Hani.

This is such an outrage!

You might like to send an e-mail to our South African Ambassador in Poland, H E Ms F C Potgieter-Gqubule, whose e-mail address is
saembassy@supermedia.pl, asking for information about this matter and what she is intending to do about it.

The contact details for the Polish Ambassador in SA are as follows:

Poland (Republic of): Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary - H E Dr R Szuniewicz

Counsellor (Consular) - M G Kolanski; Second Secretary (Consular) - B Roszko; Second Secretary (Admin) - G Ostyk-Narbutt; Third Secretary (Political) - A J Morstin; Attaché - E Wereszczak (Ms)

Pretoria: 14 Amos Street, Colbyn, 0083P O Box 12277, Queenswood, 0121Tel: 012 430 2631/2, Fax: 012 430 2608, E-mail:

Commercial & Trade Office, Counsellor (Commercial) - I Bartosiewicz
56 Sixth Street, Houghton, 2198
P O Box 1547, Houghton, 2041
Tel: 011 788 6597, Fax: 011 442 5375, E-mail: brhpljhb@iafrica.com
First Secretary - M Kijewski

This information comes from the SA Department of Foreign Affairs web site at

A flood of e-mails to both the Ambassadors would be in order, as well as letters and articles in the press, demonstrations and all possible actions to prevent this outrage from taking place.

Click on the link:

Poles to name street after Janusz Walus, Boncza, Morning Star (578 words)


  1. Dear Communist University, following your posting on the matter of the lobby for a street in Poland to be named after Mr. Walus; the embassy received a number of letters in protest. The embassy raised the matter formally in a note to the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, indicating that we will find it very problematic for them to honour as hero someone who have been trailed and convicted for the murder of a South African citizen and leader. We received a very prompt response from the Polish Ministry, after having addressed the matter with the town council in question, assuring the embassy that this was the action of an individual and not the council, and that they would not allow this to happen.

    Thank you once again for bringing the matter to our attention.

  2. I am sorry if I have not replied before. It was indeed a relief to know that the provocative naming would not happen, and I think we are all grateful for this victory of good sense, and the prompt action that you all took.

  3. Time to reopen this debate - name the street after Janus please. After all, how many streets in South Africa are being renamed after ex-freedom fighter terrorists that should've hung for their crimes. Robert McBride for one!

    Gosh, what happened to freedom of expression and sovreignty!!

  4. Yes Janusz is a great freedom fighter and as for Hanni and his crew they lived and died by the sword ,what a good thing.(Does anybody remember the bombings in this country?Hyde park Durban etc etc.)well he supported it all.Bye bye you will now sleep and never wake up.Good riddance.Bizos too is a worm,we wonder how much he was paid by the ANC (African national clowns)and the rest of his commies to keep His exellency Lewis and Walus behind bars.As for the cops that arrested Walus you should be ashamed of yourselves as you too supported the White government.Shame on you.Double standards hey!So good for you Polish errect a Statue too of Walus and Lewis and keep up the work against communism.Strange that MK brag so much never saw any during the South African Times prior 1994,and never even a peep out of Hanni and is crew.What a shamble De Klerk made of us and after all that he has nothing to say.


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