3 April 2007

Unfinished Business

The COSATU-led march in support of the ZCTU will assemble today at 12h00 in Beyers Naudé Square (Library Gardens), Johannesburg. See the link below for the full details and the statement of the aims of the march.

The “Fidentia” affair is another piece of unfinished business. Its affects could last for generations. We all need to look for ways forward and not forget the tens of thousands of widows and orphans, often out of sight in rural areas, who have been robbed. The main aim must be restorative justice in this case. See the link for COSATU’s strong statement on the subject.

Lastly, COSATU is concerned at the reaction to the Ombudsman’s report on the Leaderguard scandal by the leader of the Financial Services Board, Mr Rob Barrow, who is an insider and accustomed to working with and through his fellow insiders. In this case, and not for the first time, they got themselves into a mess. COSATU has made a release on this scandal, calling for the FSB to be transformed. See the link below.

Click on these links:

Why we are marching today, COSATU and ZCTU (653 words)

Fidentia affair after the second Curator Report, COSATU (676 words)

COSATU concerned at Ombud report on FSB (414 words)


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