19 April 2007

Mea Culpa

Umsebenzi Online came out on Wednesday. It is an account of things in the Northern Cape, where the SACP General Secretary, Dr Blade Nzimande, has been visiting, during the Chris Hani month.

The CU overlooked the previous issue, also relating to Chris Hani and the SACP’s Chris Hani month.

Both these documents are linked below.

The murder of trade unionist Santiago Rafael Cruz in Monterrey, Mexico is really a story about organising labour in the United States. See the third link.

The picture is of Pancho Villa, the revolutionary military leader who successfully invaded the USA (in March 1916).

Click on these links:

Umsebenzi Online, Vol 6, No. 7, 19 Apr 2007, Northern Cape (1300 words)

Umsebenzi Online, Vol 6, No. 6, 4 Apr 2007, Chris Hani (1265 words)

Farm Labor Organizer Murdered in Mexico, Dan la Botz, Counterpunch (1251 words)


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