12 April 2007

Power To The People

We are switching to TUESDAYS!

The next session of the Communist University will be next Tuesday, April 17th, at 17h00 in the SACP boardroom, 3rd floor, COSATU House, 1 Leyds Street, Braamfontein.

The document that will form the basis of our dialogue will be the “State Power” discussion document published nearly a year ago (see the link below). You should be familiar with it by now, comrades! Please come and air your views. Nobody is claiming the document is gospel, or perfect. It is our job to improve it, in debate. And the 12th SACP Congress is approaching fast, not forgetting also the ANC Policy Conference in June. It is time to get our business done.

Concerning the move to Tuesdays, there are good reasons for it, having to do with clashes. The schedule will be re-written as soon as possible and published on the Internet and in flyer format. Reminders will be given. Please help to make this switch a success.

The YCL is running an Internet poll on the question: “Do you support the opening of an inquest to the death of Cde Chris Hani?” (Yes or No). You can find it at the bottom right-hand corner of the
YCL Home Page, which is at http://www.ycl.org.za/ . It hardly takes a second. Please add your vote to this poll, today!

Today is the day of the Swaziland border blockades. If you can’t be there, find something to do in solidarity. Write a letter to a newspaper, for example, or start organising a meeting.

The picture above is of the late SACP General Secretary, Cde Chris Hani.

Click on these links:

2006, Bua Komanisi V5 No 1, Special Edition on State Power, final (20515 words)


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