10 January 2007

US strafing Africa villages

The day before yesterday, US AC-130 gunships strafed villages in Somalia.

These gunships were developed two generations ago for terrorising rural villagers who have no anti-aircraft artillery or missiles to defend themselves with.

They were used in Vietnam, where the sick US Hollywood propaganda used to refer to them as Puff the Magic Dragon.

As soon as people have means of shooting down these slow, propellor-dirven planes they cannot be used any more. They are cowardly weapons that can only be used against defenceless people.

The lies that the US are telling about hunting individual criminals in the bush with an indiscriminate weapon like this are simply disgusting. One of the first to die was a four-year-old boy. This is the real terrorism.

Attacks like these on African people by white Imperialists have not been seen on the African continent since the bombing of the mountain forests of Kenya in the late 1950s.

This is an alarm call. This is a wake-up call. You have been warned. What are you going to do about it?

There was a press conference yesterday to launch the YCL Joe Slovo Right to Learn Campaign. See the link below for the press release.

SADTU will hold a Back to School press conference today at 11h00 at the SADTU National Office, 49 Goud St/corner Marshall St. Phone 011 334 4830 for more details.

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YCLSA Joe Slovo Right to Learn Campaign (886 words)


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