13 January 2007

Point Man Quisling

Paul Craig Roberts and William S Lind are both great US writers against the war in Iraq. Neither of them are remotely communist but both have come to many of the same conclusions as ourselves concerning the Bush speech and the so called surge. The Iraq surge is not about Iraq. Together with the deployment of aircraft carriers and Patriot missiles, it is a positional warfare move in relation to Iran and Syria. See the first two short, punchy, linked articles.

The simultaneous US attack on Somalia with AC-130 gunships and US military death squads on the ground adds another to the present list of countries that are victims of active as opposed to passive aggression, even before Syria and Iran have been attacked.

President Thabo Mbeki writes at great length on the theme of Somalia needing African solidarity, in his presidential letter published on-line in ANC Today yesterday. On the subject of the US armed aggression against Somalia he has this to say, in the course of his very long article:

As the military conflict continued after the ouster of the UIC, the US decided to launch air strikes against the retreating UIC adherents, claiming that it was striking at terrorists who had bombed the US embassies in Nairobi and Dar-es-Salaam in 1998 and then taken refuge in Somalia. The majority of the world, including the AU and the UN, has been forthright in opposing this action, correctly asserting that this will not help to resolve the crisis in Somalia and would add oil to the fires that are burning in the Middle East.

Prior to that, President Mbeki writes at length about his visit to Mogadishu in 1974, in the footsteps of O R Tambo.

Yet he has nothing to say about the visit he made to G W Bush in Washington on December 8th, 2006, at the time when the US and its Ethiopian stooges were busy preparing the attack on Somalia. He flew all the way from South Africa in his expensive personal Boeing to talk to Bush for a few minutes, and then to come back again. Is it reasonable to conclude that he was summoned for a briefing, in his appointed position of Bush’s point man? Or did he go rushing to protest at what was about to happen?

The text of the remarks made at the photo-opportunity after the Bush-Mbeki meeting strongly suggest the former, and not the latter. The evidence suggests that Thabo Mbeki sold Africa out to the USA and ushered in the strikes on African territory that he now complains, mildly, are adding oil to the fires.

Read the two linked documents for yourself. The Communist University concludes that Thabo Mbeki is a sell-out and an impimpi for the US Imperialists. Whether he did what he did over the heads of the Minister and the Department of Foreign Affairs is another question. We shall see. Let is for now mark the seriousness of Mbeki’s betrayal. In the context so well described today by Paul Craig Roberts and William S Lind, it is of Quisling proportions, or even worse. Vidkun Quisling was the man who sold Norway out to the Nazis. See the picture above.

Finally, the full PUDEMO of Swaziland Road Map document from their Congress at the end of December is out and available for download via the link given below.

Click on these links:

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Road map to new democratic Swaziland, PUDEMO 6th Congress, Dec 2006 (215 KB file download)


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