26 January 2007

Dictatorship of the Proletariat

The Swaziland Solidarity Network is to have its long-awaited AGM on Sunday, February 4th. The timing is to be synchronised with the Johannesburg Central SACP Branch meeting, which is a longstanding arrangement, and the first of the year, to be held at 10h00 on that day. Further details of these two important meetings will be passed on when they become clearer.

The fourth day portion of the COSATU 9th Congress film is now fully available on the Internet. This is the part where you can see the debate on the resolution on the NDR and Socialism, plus the election of the new office bearers, and the finale, including an interview with PUDEMO President Mario Masuku.

You can play Day 4 of the COSATU 9th Congress film by clicking
http://www.domza.net/C9Day4.wmv or alternatively the backup duplicate of it, which is at http://www.domza.net/C9Day4a.wmv.

The COSATU Press Release of yesterday on the subject of the recent ANC Lekgotla contains the text of same resolution. It calls, among other things, for a dictatorship of the proletariat in South Africa. This is the resolution that the renegade Jabu Moloketi was brought to the platform to attack, by ANC President Thabo Mbeki, who also attacked it. But COSATU does not get its policies handed down to it by ANC bigwigs. It is an independent member of a free alliance. See the statement linked below.

The COSATU statement on Myanmar issued yesterday is given below. It condemns Myanmar. The sudden concern for Myanmar is not precipitated by any new event, but only by a US resolution to the Security Council of the United Nations. Meanwhile real, sudden, new war on the ground right here in Africa, in Somalia, is pushed to the background. At least we can note with pride that the SACP has called for all US troops to leave Africa at once. In the Mail and Guardian today there is an article about the presumptuous, arrogant, colonial US Africa Command, announced on December 13th, 2006, five days after the Mbeki visit to Washington. How can they have an Africa Command plotting violence to our continent? This is no better than what the mythical Al Qaeda is supposed to be doing. Away with them! Yankee, Go Home!

The YCL has issued a joint statement with the Gauteng Liquor Board which is of interest. See the link below.

Click on these links:

The ANC Lekgotla, COSATU Media Release (2348 words)

COSATU condemns Myanmar regime, COSATU Media Release (795 words)

Joint Statement of YCL and Gauteng Liquor Board (327 words)


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