21 January 2007

The Question Is Put

The Sunday Times gets all the prizes today. Firstly for the short, sharp piece they published from SACP GS Dr Blade Nzimande – see below.

Secondly for the follow-up to the Joe Slovo Memorial lecture organised by the Chris Hani Institute last Thursday and given by SACP Deputy GS Jeremy Cronin. Not only did the Sunday Times print this report, but they have also made Cde Jeremy’s text available as a file download from their web site.

Maybe some of them have realised that the SACP has saved this country before and it can do so again.

Tony Ehrenreich stands up well to the Chris Barron So Many Questions treatment. Tony is always going to look good, especially when compared with the NIMBY (Not in My Back Yard) brigade in the Cape Town suburbs. See the third item.

The report concerning the on-going victimisation of Marion Sparg, SACP Deputy Cahirperson Dipuo Mvelase, and Beryl Simelane by the NPA is given below. Maybe the determination of these three women is what it will take to stop the NPA nonsense at last.

Theresa Ramashamole is an ordinary person with an extraordinary history of struggle behind her. In the 1980s her name was famous around the world. Her picture is above.

When Sedibeng Executive Mayor Mlungisi Hlongwane hosted a lavish bash for the Sharpeville Six veterans, of which she is one, Comrade Theresa boycotted the event. Council spokesman Colin Mokoena said that the Council wanted the Six and the Boipatong massacre survivors to become moving libraries and to make a living from tourism. One Boipatong massacre survivor, Pauline Mbatha, was given a new wheelchair, but she is still living in the same shack that she was living in at the time she was attacked.

The Sunday Times should be congratulated for telling the truth in this matter, even if it makes the readers fed up to read such things. See the last item below.
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