9 January 2007

Slovo, Ngugi, Goethe, PUDEMO, Iraq, Palestine

The Joe Slovo memorial season continues with a rare chance to hear SACP Deputy GS Jeremy Cronin in Johannesburg delivering a fully-prepared lecture on The Legacy of Comrade Joe Slovo. Those who have heard Cde Jeremy before will know that he is unlikely to waste such an opportunity by marking time. This will be a substantial statement, no doubt, and a valuable contribution to current debates within the Party and the country.

The event will start at COSATU House at 10h00 next week Thursday, January 18th. Cde Cronin’s contribution will be followed by open, and we can be sure, lively debate. See the linked notice below. Please print it if you can and pass it around in hard copy as well as electronically. This event should be packed.

During the holiday, just before Christmas, PUDEMO of Swaziland held its 6th National Congress. PUDEMO President, Mario Masuku was not well and was unable to attend as far as we know, but the prepared text of his address is available. Cde Masuku is an Ngugi fan. The Communist University shares his appreciation of the great Kenyan. The writing of Ngugi (pictured above) is right for us. Even if it is fiction, and not at all didactic but rather poetic. Cde Masuku is right to quote a poet. How can we make revolution without poets?

The PUDEMO Congress was also addressed by COSATU President Willie Madisha. See the two linked items below. The documents are good but long, and so are given as file downloads. Follow the links.

The US defense analyst Werther takes his struggle name from the classic novel (Young Werther) by the revolutionary German write Goethe. In the linked piece from Counterpunch, he unpacks some of the banality of Imperialist evil in Iraq. The fact that so much of the political business is done by accountants is what stands out here. Just so was some of the worst of the German Nazi business done with punch-card machinery from the US IBM company. The article begins with some brief but useful advice as to how to read the bourgeois press.

Shulamit Aloni is a former Education Minister of Israel. When she writes that Israel is an apartheid state, one must conclude that she knows what she is talking about. This report is extraordinary. Please read it (see the last link below). We thought we had put apartheid into the dustbin of history. It was not so. The monster still lives and still threatens the whole world, and not just its poor tormented Palestinian victims of today.

Click on these links:

Joe Slovo Memorial Lecture, CHI, COSATU House, Jan 18 (Notice)

Royal empire crumbling, Mario Masuku, 6th PUDEMO Congress (132 KB file download, 24 pages)

COSATU President Willie Madisha to 6th PUDEMO Congress (46 KB file download, 8 pages)

Self-licking ice cream cone of war, Werther, Counterpunch (1516 words)

Apartheid Israel, Road for Jews Only, Shulamit Aloni, Counterpunch (1142 words)


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