24 January 2007

Road Test

Your help is needed!

The loyal supporters of the
Communist University are hereby asked to test the technology that has been set up to propagate the film of the COSATU 9th Congress.

In return, you get to see the film before most other people.

Full (but brief) instructions for viewing this film right now, on your PC, are given in the first linked document below. The total running time is about one hour. For people who are too impatient even for brief instructions, here are the links, anyway:

Day 1 (Willie Madisha, Jacob Zuma, Guy Ryder, Z. Vavi):

Day 2 (HIV/AIDS day, Mlambo-Ngcuka, Ebrahim Patel, Awards):

Day 3 (Nzimande, Gonzalez, Winnie Mandela, Zuma return):

Day 4 (Vavi, Mufamadi, NDR and Socialism debate, Election*):

Please note that the file for Day 4 is truncated, meaning that the last part is missing. This is a known fault which will be remedied as soon as possible. Let us just call it a Beta Version for the time being.

The COSATU 9th Congress film is both historic and topical, and a real classic of documentary film-making.

John Pampallis is a struggle veteran and pioneer of education, who was for many years in Mazimbu, Tanzania, as one of the cadres of the Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College. He is now the Director of the Centre for Education Policy Development. His article, linked below, published in yesterday’s Business Day, clarifies many aspects of recent changes in the administration of schools in South Africa.

The Johannesburg Star continues to publish material on Somalia that is counter to the US spin. The Star is not a revolutionary newspaper, to say the least. The fact that it is publishing these views shows that there is, rightly, great scepticism among the intellectual establishment of South Africa about what happened in Somalia at Christmas time. This is so whether the intellectuals come from the left or the right of their spectrum. In other words, what is happening in Somalia is completely indefensible.

South Africa must now demand the speedy and unconditional removal of all non-African armed forces from the continent, including Somalia and Djibouti.

Click on these links:

COSATU 9th Congress Film index, links and instructions

Who should pay school fees?, John Pampallis, Business Day (904 words)

Whose crisis in Somalia, Omar de Kock, The Star (1337 words)


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