21 February 2006

We Are Still Here

Umsebenzi is out and ready for sale in hard copy. We need sellers form now on and for the Siyanqoba rallies on Sunday. Please see the linked document for details of wholesale and retail prices. The Cubans know what Human Rights means. Our Human Rights Day is exactly one month from today. The USA is the global, industrial-scale violator of Human Rights in the world today. Read the linked document about the lying, bullying US attempt to pose as the UN champions of Human Rights. The SACP CC meeting generated some media reaction (see linked). Business Day correctly put the SACP call for re-nationalisation of SASOL, ISCOR and other entities on its front page. Khutsong chased out “Terror” Lekota on Sunday (link). He vowed to return on Monday, but didn’t. Margaret Legum Sees the national job-loss disaster and ASGISA from a liberal point of view (link). Tony Hall is a struggle-veteran and journalist who has just started a blog. Find it here. There is a memorial lecture in honour of the late Cde Mzala on Saturday, February 25th, at the Provincial Legislature, Nobengula Street, Galeshewe, at 10h00 sharp. The SACP Deputy General Secretary will speak Revolutionary Intellectualism in the Liberation Movement and the Building of Socialism Links: Umsebenzi Wholesale Cash and Carry Poster or Leaflet (table) Permanent Mission of Cuba to UN, on US Hijack of Human Rights Council (1219 words) Media reaction to SACP CC, B Day, Star (1282 words) Khutsong vs Lekota, The Star (503 words) Combating a national disaster, Margaret Legum, Star (797 words)


  1. Oh dear me! I suggest that the communist party in South Africa who has, in my opinion, always been the voice of reason in our country's party politics, investigate the true nature of Cuban "human rights" prior to associating themselves with it. There is no excusing or denying the USA's crimes against humanity, but Fidel Castro needs to do some serious house cleaning before he accuses anybody else.

    There has never been true communism in Cuba. The Cuban people have suffered years of oppression and would be happy to live in a real communist country.

  2. What you mean is that I should not carry the Cuban statement or that the Cuban statement should not be taken on its merits.

    Rather we should take your vague maunderings about Cuba, you say?

    I don't think so.


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