22 February 2006

Time to Break Silence Again

The Communist University Archive of current material distributed by e-mail is more than half complete. All the page names have been listed on the CU web site, and about half of them have been uploaded. Last year was extraordinary and dramatic and a treasure-chest for any student of politics. You can find this Archive in the navigation or by scrolling to the bottom of the “LATEST NEWS” page or any archive page. The site also has a good search facility. The work of completing the archive will continue.

If anybody is having trouble with any links please e-mail the details of the problem. Today is the day for the YCL Marxist Class on Humanist Philosophy, at 16h45 on the 13th floor of Old Mutual Building, 29 Kerk Street, between Loveday and Harrison Streets. All are welcome. Next week’s discussion will be on Martin Luther King’s 1967 speech on Vietnam and beyond, linked below. COSATU GS Zwelinzima Vavi’s letter to Business Day yesterday is a lesson in how to do it (see link) Ann Crotty’s reports from the SASOL-Engen oil merger tribunal last year were classics. Most, if not all, are listed in the CU archive. Now the tribunal is winding up its work (see link). The SACP this week called for SASOL’s re-nationalisation. The Transnet strike has become critical. COSATU’s concise statement says it all (linked). From revolutionary Nepal, a good example of the devastating use of humour in the cause of serious political business. See link. Click on these links to open them: 1967, King, M. L., Beyond Vietnam, Time to Break Silence (6687 words) COSATU views misrepresented, Vavi, Letters, Business Day (415 words) Oil industry merger Tribunal to end, Crotty, Business Report (890 words) COSATU reaffirms support for Transnet unions (461 words) What the US Ambassador Taught Nepalis, Counterpunch (2215 words)


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