5 February 2006

Classic Party-Building University

Today at 10h00 the Johannesburg District Political Education Sub-Committee meets in open session in the SAMWU offices, 9th Floor, Renaissance Centre, Gandhi Square. It will discuss the second part of the Communist Manifesto, called Proletarians and Communists. These sessions are designed first and foremost for the Political Education officers of the branches of Johannesburg District. But all are welcome to attend and contribute to the dialogue.The District programme is made up of basic communist texts plus the papers given in the monthly series of the Gauteng Province. The next session of the District programme will be on February 26th, 2006, at the same time and venue. The topic will be Transformative Trade Unionism, by Comrade Langa Zita. If we are not able to get that text on time, we will move straight to the next topic in the series, which is “How to be a Good Communist”, by Liu Shaoqi. Linked below are the latest in our occasional “Revolutionary Classics” series, plus a cheerful party-building document from Vietnam’s equivalent to our Young Communist League, which is the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union. All this material is held on the Communist University web site. These daily messages are initiated at the Communist University blog where you are more than welcome to make your comments. Links: 1880, Engels, Socialism, Utopian and Scientific 3, Historical Materialism (7962 words) Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, strong party builder (444 words)


  1. The transfer of young people from the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union to the Party is quite inspiring. A similar process takes place every year in Cuba...we need to consider this 'graduation' ceremony for the YCLSA.

    This will inspire young people and keep track of the important role of the YCL.

  2. What I liked especially was that they put figures on these transfers. They make it a collective target. We could do the same if we were confident enough.


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