14 February 2006

We Are The News

(This was Monday's post, which could not go on the blog because the Blogger back end was down) The renaming of the former Harrow Road was a well-appreciated and happy event for all concerned. See the linked report below from the Sunday Times Metro section. It is good news that the whole road from the M2 to the M1 is to be fittingly named after the late Comrade Joe Slovo, famous leader of the South African Communist Party. Saki Makozoma is not a communist, but is a member of the ANC. He volunteered his views about the economy in the Business section of the Sunday Times yesterday. It is necessary to read what such people are putting forward. Likewise, Sipho Pityana gave the benefit of his advice, in the guise of a businessman, in an interview in yesterday’s Business Report. The headline the Business Report put on his story praises flexibility, although Cde Sipho explicitly says that labour flexibility is not a problem. A different example of a headline that contradicts the story concerns Mosioua (Terror) Lekota’s intervention in the Khutsong affair. The Sunday Times headline says “Lekota tries to calm Khutsong tensions”. But the story is that Lekota went to talk to the North-West opponents of the Khutsong resident’s movement, and not to the residents themselves. That looks more like provocation than calming. How does ignoring people calm them? The last linked item is a compilation of front-page reports from the three main Sunday papers yesterday on the Zuma rape case which is to be heard this morning in the High Court in Johannesburg. Although the Sunday press ignored Saturday’s funeral of SACP Comrade Juda Tsotetsi, the event was covered on radio on Sunday morning. Yesterday’s COSATU Rustenburg rally has also been covered in the electronic media, and correctly so, as an alliance event relating to the local elections. The Deputy President of the ANC, and the General Secretaries of COSATU and the SACP spoke both the funeral and at the rally. Links: Major Joburg street renamed after Joe Slovo, S Times (320 words) Effective, not political, so SMEs can cure poverty, Macozoma (1325) Tall boys and short boys, Sipho Pityana, Business Report (1351) Lekota talks to North West about Khutsong, S Times (382 words) City Press, Sunday Independent, Sunday Times on Zuma (2819 words)

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