18 March 2007

Zim Atrocities, US Torture

COSATU is mobilising its members for a demonstration in Johannesburg on 3 April, in a massive show of solidarity with the struggle for democracy in Zimbabwe, in particular with the general strike called for 3-4 April 2007 by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, and calls upon all South Africans, and Zimbabweans living in South Africa, to join us.”

The picture here is of Wellington Chibebe, General Secretary of the ZCTU.

See the first linked item for the full COSATU announcement and for further details of the outrages that continue to be perpetrated in Zimbabwe.

Mohau Pheko is “wondering whether recent events in Harare are not the makings of an over-productive mastermind trying, through make-believe scenarios, to evoke sympathy and outrage for what may actually be seeds of deception.” She gives an account of the split of the MDC, linked below.

The general movement for democracy in Zimbabwe would look much more solid if the MDC were to come out with a clear endorsement of the stayaway scheduled for Easter Week, next month. Even better would be if all concerned were to start mapping out the equivalent of a Freedom Charter for Zimbabwe. That would allow the movement to look forward together and to shed the baggage of the past.

The black bourgeoisie in South Africa wants talks about the leadership succession in the ANC. All the more reason why the organised working class should be given the same, or better privileges. See the link below.

Finally, Paul Craig Roberts has written another fine article, this time about the victim of US torture, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and the collapse of the whole Gitmo-and-rendition circus.

Click on these links:

COSATU condemns latest atrocities in Zimbabwe (387 words)

Peering through layers of Zimbabwe deception, Mohau Phelo, Sunday Times (889 words)

Black business joins succession debate, Siyabulela Qoza, City Press (574 words)

Confession Backfired, Paul Craig Roberts, Counterpunch (860 words)


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