17 March 2007

South Justice

Labourstart has set up a great page where you can fill in your name and details plus a message (or use a default message). Thanks to Patrick Craven for this link. When you click "Send Message" it sends to nine different Zimbabwe government addresses. It's a pretty good piece of work. Please use it and pass it on. Find it here.

Another good link is the Kubatana site, which is a vast archive on Zimbabwe. In particular, the page called Strikes and Protests 2007- Save Zimbabwe Campaign has photos of the events of the last week, including the Highfields rally and the appearance at court of the MDC leaders.

Gift Tandare was killed by police gunfire at Highfields one week ago. Reports have been intermittent and not complete but it seems that the young man’s body was taken away by the police, returned to the family, and now taken again. There was also a police raid and shooting at the funeral house, on Tuesday. The whole thing must be a nightmare for the family. The report is from Violet Gonda on the SW Radio Africa site. SW Radio Africa broadcasts on shortwave and medium wave but from where, it does not say. Possibly it is from London.

COSATU is advertising a whole-day gabfest on the comparison between Zimbabwe and Swaziland next Friday. See the linked item below.

The following week there is an event organised by DITSELA, the interdenominational and ecumenical trade union education NGO, styled “Worker Education and Cultural Festival”. This is a bit more happy-clappy than the practical writing and radio-technique sessions that we had been expecting. There does not appear to be anything in the programme about the Internet or e-mail, either. But it may be some people’s cup of tea. See the link.

Castro Ngobese is an organic intellectual. He is a living festival of political creativity and agitational propaganda. The young spin-doctor of the YCL has now taken on the mighty Sunday Times, the newspaper with the biggest circulation in South Africa. See the fourth link below.

The last linked item has relevance for the Zimbabwean struggle, although it is from Cuba via Cuba’s South African Embassy. It is a brief report with links to two longer documents, mainly concerning the Cuban struggle for an honest treatment of human rights at UN level, and a rejection of the use of “human rights” as an excuse for aggression by the Imperialists against the countries of the South. The picture above is of Fidel Castro, the great Cuban revolutionary, recently ill but getting better.

Click on these links:

CIO seize Tandare body, Violet Gonda, SW Radio Africa (576 words)

Seminar on Swaziland and Zimbabwe, 23 March 2007, COSATU (flyer)

Worker Education, Culture Festival, 26-30 March 2007, Elijah Barayi (form - download)

The barrel of the Sunday Times, Castro Ngobese, Hlomelang (1396 words)

Cuba for South Justice in UN Human Rights Council, Embassy of Cuba (468 words)


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