13 March 2007

Vuvuzelas At Dawn in Johannesburg on Apr 3

Vuvuzelas will be heard from dawn on April 3rd, 2007, the first day of the General Strike called by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU).

People will start gathering early on that day in solidarity in Johannesburg’s Beyers Naude Square (Library Gardens) and expressing themselves loudly and waking up the city to what is happening across the border. Be there! Be part of it!

When the crowd is full and ready, there will be a march through the financial district past the biggest monopoly finance houses (Goldfields and Anglo American) and the Chamber of Mines to the Zimbabwe Trade Consulate in Anderson Street.

This revolution may or may not be televised but it is already being electronically assisted! See the linked items below, all original. Contact details are given wherever possible in the documents, usually at the end. Media people should follow them up.

COSATU as usual has made one of the best and earliest statements. COSATU will be the backbone of solidarity action in support of the ZCTU in the build-up to the April 3rd/4th stayaway action, from now on without stopping.

The other original documents linked below are:

A statement from the Save Zimbabwe Campaign, which was the vehicle for unity in action last Sunday involving MDC-Mutambara, MDC-Tsvangirai and the NCA of Lovemore Madhuku (pictured above) among others.

Next is the NCA’s own statement. It seems that the comrade who was shot and killed was an NCA cadre by the name of Gift Tandire, NCA Youth Chairperson for Glenview, Harare.

OSISA is a Soros/Microsoft Human Rights-type NGO based in Johannesburg. They have issued a long statement with some useful detail. Welcome, comrades, and thank you! See you on the 3rd if not before.

SW Radio Africa is the source by which the Save Zimbabwe Campaign statement came through. The last item is their own report of the torture in detention of Morgan Tsvangirai and others. They have radio and a web site and a contact by the name of Violet Gonda. See the document.

Concerning the last item, the following is made up of extracts from an e-mail exchange:

We have launched a phoning solidarity from here. We are calling the police stations every four hours. Making these murderers know that the people will demand accountability from them. The landline number is +2632064212 and the leading persecutors are said to be Mavhenyengwa and Marume.

You can join in. Or you can find other telephone numbers, fax numbers, and e-mail addresses and bombard officials of Zimbabwe state structures with solidarity messages and queries about the detained and tortured comrades.

To get yourself better integrated into the electronic network of Zim Solidarity, go (now!) to
http://groups.google.com/group/zimbabwe-fight-on-dont-mourn and become a subscriber. This is the biggest and liveliest available e-mail group at the moment.

Click on these links:

COSATU condemns MDC arrests (421 words)

Save Zimbabwe Campaign press statement re Mar 12 (628 words)

NCA Youth Chairperson Murdered (414 words)

OSISA statement on Zimbabwe Rights Abuses (1021 words)

Zimbabwe leaders tortured in detention, SW Radio Africa News (662 words)


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