23 March 2007

ANC Policy Conference

The African National Congress will hold its Policy Conference from 27 June to 1 July 2007. It will hold its 52nd National Conference (elective) from 15 to 20 December 2007.

In advance of these conferences, the ANC has already published a new draft “
Strategy and Tactics” document, previously discussed on the Communist University. To read that discussion, use the search box in the blog at http://domza.blogspot.com/ .

Another major document prepared for these Conferences is the one called “Organisational Review” (see the link below). It is almost a book in length but needs close reading to be sure that the ideas thrown out by the 2005 NGC have not been smuggled back into this draft again.

The rest of the documents can be found for the time being at a page on the ANC web site called
ANC Policy Discussion Documents. It is not clear which ones are for which conference. The page only says:

“The following policy discussion documents are being distributed to ANC structures as part of the preparations for the ANC National Policy Conference in June 2007 and the ANC 52nd National Conference in December 2007.”

The document titles are:

1. Economic Transformation
2. Legislature and Governance
3. Transformation of the judicial system
4. Peace and stability
5. International relations
6. Revolutionary morality: The ANC and business
7. The RDP of the Soul
8. Transformation of the media
9. Challenges facing workers and unions
10. The working class and organised labour
11. Social transformation

We will deal with these gradually over the next week or two.

The picture above is of the late O R Tambo.


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