3 September 2009

No Woman, No Revolution: The Generic Course

[CU for Friday 4 September 2009]

The Communist University is proud to announce the completion of another Generic Course in the new style. It is called No Woman, No Revolution, and it is an update of the course first run in 2006 in the Women’s Jail, Constitution Hill, Johannesburg [pictured].

Please click here to go to the “console” of the course, or click below. Click here for the Introduction to the course.

If it should seem familiar, that is because the material was re-run through the Communist University last month, August, 2009, and the blog entries, which are also the e-mails that you receive, have been used as the basis for the pre-cooked “Openings” to discussion that are provided with this set of discussion documents.

Production line

What this means is that the Communist University is currently working as a production line for these Generic Courses, and will continue to do so.

The courses are being reviewed, re-edited and refined for publication in a more advanced form. The No Woman, No Revolution set is the third recent one, the other two being “Capital by a Freirean Method”, which is a full-scale read-through of Karl Marx’s Capital, Volume 1 in 24 easy parts; and “Basic Communism”, which was produced in response to demand from the Communist University e-mail recipients – yourselves – and has so far been well received.

The remaining three parts of Lenin’s “The State and Revolution” will be blogged next week from Monday. After that, “The State and Revolution” will be turned into a fourth Generic Course, downloadable like the ones above.

The Original Generic Courses

The original set of Communist University Generic Courses was laid down in December 2005. Click here to go to the page. The list is as follows:

Some of these courses have been edited, but no new ones have been added in the (nearly) four years since the concept was put into effect on the “amadlandawonye” Wikispace web site. It is surely time to review these titles and to try to think of new ones.

Your input will be appreciated, comrades.

Click on this link:

No Woman, No Revolution, Generic Course, Communist University


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