27 September 2009

CU Generic Course on the NDR

[CU for Tuesday, 29 September 2009]

The CU Generic Course on the National Democratic Revolution has been completed and re-published on the YCLSA Discussion Forum web site and on the Johannesburg Central Branch web site.

These are the twelve parts, side by side with the main discussion texts:


Main discussion text (MS-Word download)


National Democratic Revolution

Development of Utopian Socialism, Engels


Origin of the National Republic

18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte, C1 & 7, Marx


Genesis of the NDR

Report on National & Colonial Question, 2CCI, Lenin


National-Scale Democracy

Black Proletariat, ICU, Black Republic, Cradock Letter


The National Question

Moses Kotane, C2, The National Question, Bunting


People’s Republic

Chinese Revolution & Chinese Communist Party, Mao


Congress, Pact and Defiance

The African Miners Strike of 1946, Naicker, 1976


Congress Call

Call to the Congress of the People, Freedom Charter


Peasants’ Revolt

Peasants’ Revolt, Govan Mbeki


Strategy and Tactics

Strategy and Tactics, Morogoro, 1969, ANC


SA Working Class & the NDR

SA Working Class and the NDR


Hegemony in the NDR

Building hegemony on NDR terrain, 2009, SACP

All of the above material has recently been published on the CU blog (starting here) and by e-mail.

Here is a summary of recent CU publishing:

Communist University Generic Courses, New Edition

Recently re-edited:

Other material:

The CU is scheduled to meet to discuss the forthcoming SACP Special National Congress this coming Sunday as follows:
  • Date: 4 October 2009 (Sunday)
  • Time: 10h00
  • Venue: University of Johannesburg, Doornfontein Campus
You will be notified separately, and with more detail.

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