31 August 2009

Basic Communism Generic Course

[CU for Tuesday 1 September 2009]

Following on from our recent Communist University series on “Basic Communism”, the CU is proud to announce that the new “Basic Communism” generic course is now available on the Internet, currently housed on the YCLSA Discussion Forum web site.

Click here for the “Console”.

Click here for the Introduction.

This set is designed to be as brief as possible (ten main texts) but also to provide further reading.

The following are the main texts used in this series:

  • Pedagogy of the Oppressed, C2, plus Glossary and Pol Ed
  • The Prince, compilation, Machiavelli
  • Communist Manifesto, Bourgeois & Proletarians, Marx
  • 3 Sources and 3 Component parts of Marxism, Lenin
  • SACP Constitution, 2007
  • Worker Solidarity and Unions, MIA; Meetings, Hannington
  • Negotiations, MIA
  • Value, Price and Profit, Parts 6 to 10, Marx
  • Lecture on The State, Lenin
  • Democracy & Culture, Shivji, Malik; African Socialism, Nkrumah

The next Generic Course to be prepared in this way will be “No Woman, No Revolution”. Planned completion for that one is a week from now.

We will return to our new series, “The State and Revolution”, on Wednesday. When we have worked through that set, in the course of our daily Communist University postings, it will also be published on the Internet as a new Generic Course.

That is how we will continue to work, i.e. from the daily CU mailing, to worked-up Generic Courses. Your feedback, which contributed considerably to the Basic Communism series, continues to be very much appreciated.

Click on this link:

Basic Communism, Console


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