11 August 2009

Capital, Volume 1

The Communist University has completed the second iteration of our 24-part series on Karl Marx’s “Capital, Volume 1”. The text has been re-organised.

In part, this has been done, by request, so as to assist the CCS comrades who will be running a course on Marx’s “Capital” beginning this month in Durban, based on the videos of David Harvey’s lectures.

The CU series, now under the name “Capital by a Freirean Method”, is fully elaborated and published on one of the CU Google web sites (CU with attachments).

Having passed this stage of development, it now becomes possible to publish “Capital by a Freirean Method” on other web sites, or to publish it as a set of printed booklets, or to compile a single PDF of the entire thing, or to publish it all as a single hard-copy book. All of these options are under consideration.

The single page linked below shows the layout of the entire set as one array, or console, and this is in turn available as a one-page (landscape) MS-Word document, with live links, which can also be printed, of course.

Capital, Volume 1 is the “Holy Grail” of political education. It is a much bigger undertaking than any other single one. Yet without it, political education is incomplete. The rewards of studying Capital Volume 1 are clear and indisputable. Without it a cadre is politically naked. It has to be done.

The Freirean method does help.

This re-write of the CU’s earlier version (it was called the “Ghost course”) includes a new Introduction that explains how the inherent difficulties of this project have been dealt with, for better or for worse.

There will be further iterations. Changes will continue to be made. It is already clear that Chapter 25 must be properly represented, for example. All of the “openings” will remain under review.

Suggestions and comments for this project on Capital will therefore be more than welcome, comrades. Please send to dominic.tweedie@gmail.com or use the Comments facility on the blog at http://domza.blogspot.com/.

Click on this link:

Capital by a Freirean Method (single-page linked console)


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