16 December 2007

This revolution will be blogged

No apologies for borrowing the title today from The Times’ Dominic Mahlangu in his electrifying blog from the 52nd ANC Conference venue in Polokwane, Limpopo Province, quoted below. Mahlangu is not doubt picking up from Blade Nzimande’s quote (in yesterday’s Sunday Times) from Buti Manamela who said that the struggles of ordinary women “are not being televised”, which in turn is a quote from a poem by Gil Scott-Heron (picture), “The revolution will not be televised”, also used in a film about President Hugo Chavez and Venezuela.

This is how it goes these days. A revolutionary message can rock around the world and back in hours, or even in a few minutes.

As Andrew Marvell once wrote: “If we cannot make the Sun stand still, then we will make him run!”

If we the revolution will not be televised, well then, from now on it will be blogged!

This massive ANC Conference is the first one to be blogged, big-time by well-resourced multiple bloggers, some of them working in teams. If you know of any others, please let the Communist University know. In the mean time here are three thrilling sources of eye-witness blogs, in the CU’s order of preference:

The Times Politically Correct

This is a team of no less than seven bloggers including the crackling
Dominic Mahalangu and the swashbuckling Xolani Xundu . These guys are enjoying themselves and they have cameras! And you can comment right back to them! Just click where it says “comments”.

Apropos Polokwane (City Press/News24)

Caiphas Kgosana’s apparently solo effort, but still great journalism and pictures, too!

Inside IOL

This one’s by somebody called only Juanita. Still good, and also with photos

Here is Dominic Mahlangu’s
historic blog:

This revolution will be blogged by Dominic Mahlangu

I am inside the ANC National Conferance and for the first time a revolution is being captured live by journalists who have turned into blogging.

As this blog continues to post news tips, it is proving too difficult for the ANC people to keep this revolution in close doors.

Inside the hall where I am, we are blogging and bring you the news that can be suppressed by the ANC and formal media rules and regulations.

This tool of blogging is vital in shaping democracy both within and outside the ANC. Never before in the history of the ANC has such howling and open defiance been registered.


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