16 December 2007

Cde Blade's Statement

This extra posting serves the purpose of carrying SACP GS (and ANC NEC member) Dr Blade Nzimande’s important statement, published in the Johannesburg Sunday Times this morning.

Cde Blade’s statement is linked below.

Corrections to the post “Biosis Shmiosis”

There was an error in the earlier CU post headed “Biosis Shmiosis”. The post was in part a response to the “lodging of papers” by the Scorpions on Friday, 14 December 2007. This practical non-event was given headline treatment by the SABC and by the Saturday newspapers. In the post the date of the “lodging” was originally given as 14 November 2007. This has now been corrected on the blog version of the post, to 14 December 2007. Some other, minor corrections have also been made to the post.

The “Biosis Shmiosis” post is intended to help to lay the basis for the full and speedy reversal of the Squires verdict on Schabir Shaik, so that he may walk free again, and so that all South Africans may be rescued from the pernicious effects of Hilary Squires’ meddling with the law.

The full, corrected post can be opened by clicking on the following link:


Good luck and best wishes to all Polokwane delegates.

Click on this link:

No less than our revolution is at stake in Polokwane, Nzimande, S Times (691 words)


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