9 December 2007

Sublime and Ridiculous

Our graphics don’t always relate directly to all of what is given in the Communist University. This comic strip of Steve Bell’s suits the season. It is from the “Comment is free” page of the London Guardian. It has more to do with Binyanvanga Wainaina’s anti-Imperialist article on “Oxfamming” of last week than with anything in today’s selection.

Right now it is difficult to get away from the “succession”, of which ours is not the only one. The following quote refers to the US succession struggle. It sounds familiar:

“The one thing a president cannot afford to be is ridiculous. This week George Bush lurched into that fatal category and into the true twilight of his presidency, festooned with all the traditional discomfitures. Senior aides and close advisors parley with literary agents and find compelling reason to quit the White House and spend more time with their families. In public even the First Lady seems to edge away from her stricken mate.” - From
Alexander Cockburn’s Counterpunch, 8/9 December, 2007

The linked items below start with an input from the General Secretary of the SACP, Dr Blade Nzimande that is of his usual irresistibly high quality. Then, from the sublime, reverting back to the ridiculous, we have Trevor Manuel trying to score points off Mo Shaik. How trivial! They deserve each other. More interesting is the article on Jacob Zuma’s reported statement that "nothing will change" and Gwede Mantashe’s that “you cannot have a stance that there will be no change." We will wait with interest to see how the comrades sort out these contradictions.

The fourth and fifth items are speculations by the City Press and by the Sunday Independent as to who will be in the new leading positions of the ANC. These journalists may know very little more than you and me but they have taken the trouble to put the words and names down on paper. Food for thought, at least.

The newspapers have seen that a lot of debate happens on the Internet and they want to be part of it. This is a very welcome development, and so we wish the new City Press blog good luck and especially to Caiphus Kgosana.
Click here to visit and leave a comment on the City Press Polokwane blog.

At the Sunday Times (The Times) site you can comment on any article. The Thabo Mbeki interview they did yesterday was long and boring but the comments made it much more interesting. The young lions of the YCL should get involved in such comments sometimes.
Click here see that example. (You have to register at The Times site before you can comment yourself, but it is not difficult and it is free).

Click on these links:

Revolution on trial (8), Build Working-class Power, B Nzimande (1889 words)

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Do not be afraid says Zuma, Christelle Terreblanche, Sindy (727 words)

Mbete tipped for ANC chairman, Sithembiso Msomi, City Press (526 words)

Who would face the chop under Zuma, Christelle Terreblanche, Sindy (1369 words)

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