27 September 2006

Tales, Legends and more COSATU 9th Congress Resolutions

The South African Communist Party held a really excellent Consultative Meeting yesterday on the 2006 Red October Campaign for Transport. The SACP is highly respected these days by all sorts of South Africans of every rank. There were comrade business people, officials of parastatals and many others in attendance who altogether gave a very full exposition of the status of the transport sector and its relationship to the needs of the South African people, which are frankly not being adequately met. The SACP will hold a press conference today at 10h30 in their boardroom on the 3rd floor of COSATU House, 1 Leyds Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, to report on the above and on the new Red October campaign programme, whose theme is “affordable, safe and reliable public transport for all”. Karima Brown in the Business Day article linked below gets warmer and warmer as she approaches a full revelation of the Maduna/Ngcuka assault on the Presidency, involving ruthless use of state institutions as well as sudden riches for both of them. The sooner she gets to the heart of the matter, the better. When all the intrigue has been exposed and laid to rest, with any luck South Africa can return to a political consideration of its future, as opposed to a presidential “beauty contest” or otherwise “ugly contest”. Uri Avnery is a great scholar. In the Counterpunch article linked below he lays bare the trick-cycling machinations of Pope Ratzinger. This Pope is not stupid but not nice, either. He thinks the rest of us are stupid, and that is his big mistake. Avnery sorts him out. The next four linked documents are the raw texts of another four of the COSATU 9th Congress Socio-Economic Resolutions. Click on these links: Shadowy tales find purchase in ANC, Karima Brown, Business Day (796 words) The Popes Evil Legend, Uri Avnery, Counterpunch (1815 words) 9th Congress, Socio-Economic, 7 of 11, Trade policy (840 words) 9th Congress, Socio-Economic, 9 of 11, Police Brutality and State Repression (663 words) 9th Congress, Socio-Economic, 10 of 11, NEDLAC (802 words) 9th Congress, Socio-Economic, 11 of 11, 2010 Soccer World Cup (607 words)

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