7 January 2006

Slow Train

Evo Morales is going to be in South Africa next week, and he will meet SACP General Secretary Dr Blade Nzimande and Deputy GS Jeremy Cronin, among others. This much is confirmed by the Peter Fabricius article in Friday’s Johannesburg Star. Concerning Ariel Sharon - Israelis themselves, no doubt, know him best. Here is a response by one of them. The Gautrain suddenly looks doubtful again. Maybe the requirement that it should show how it is integrated with other transport was a trap - because it never was integrated and it cannot be. Any late addition of this kind will only be a pretence. Maybe the Government is going to put the monster boondoggle to sleep after all. Lastly, a good letter from the Mail and Guardian about the old-regime institution called the Human Science Research Council (HSRC). What kind of animal is it, exactly? Links (5) 1. Morales to SA, Roelf Meyer did it, Fabricius, The Star (2 pages) 2. Sharon Meets His Maker, Gilad Atzmon, Counterpunch (1 page) 3. Gautrain running late as financial talks grind on, B Day (1 page) 4. Gautrain boondoggle stalled for minor details, Star (1 page) 5. Mangcu, the real issue, Southall, Mail and Guardian (1 page)


  1. Sharon's demise is strange. I find myself wondering about medical questions... Why was he on a blood thinner if he is having an op? Did the doctors give the right dosage of anti-coagulant? Did the anti-coagulant create the 2nd "massive" stroke? Why was he back to work when the most dangerous period after a stroke is the first few days? He has the best doctors around him – why did they not prevent this? Why was he driven to hospital? That took an hour. Why was he not flown by helicopter?

    Anyway, intersting piece by Atzmon. Thanks Dominic.

  2. You may be right, but I remember when a friend of mine nearly died having a child, the contradiction between blood pressure and haemorrhage. There are things which have to be managed in a skilled way from moment to moment. It is not a case of a single decision. I'm surprised Sharon has survived for so long, to be honest.

    I'm glad you appreciate this blog.

  3. We may have overlooked another reason for his current condition ;-)



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