23 January 2006

R265 becomes R64 million

The first of the two extraordinary linked stories, which arises from the Abramoff scandal in the USA, is originally from Wayne Madsen’s Washington blog (“WMR”) at http://www.waynemadsenreport.com/ and it contains the following paragraph among others: “The Democratic Alliance in South Africa is the official opposition to the African National Congress. Its leader is Tony Leon, a colleague of Crystal and Williamson at Wits University who bankrolled him in his student election campaigns as they did Abramoff in CRNC. They then financed Leon's year-long visit to the U.S. to teach law. Abramoff administered all of Leon’s U.S. arrangements. Abramoff worked on behalf of the DA and Leon in Washington, DC and New York City.” Apartheid agent Russell Crystal (according to a quote in Friday’s Mail & Guardian) is today “responsible for making sure every Tony [Leon] event works. The package Crystal creates is slick, an integral part of selling the new-look leader.” Crystal does the packaging and Leon performs. These two together are nine-tenths of the DA’s national profile (the other tenth is Gibbo). Crystal and Leon have been working together since they were both being subsidised along with (murderer of Jeanette and Katrein Schoon) Craig Williamson, and US crook Jack Abramoff as young men by one or another of the apartheid regime’s spy organisations in the early 1980s – this is the essence of the Madsen story as it relates to SA. I wrote Wayne a message and he replied very kindly with his permission for us to post his reports. He also wrote: “Yes, the DA is yet another neo-con contrivance that must be defeated.” All this puts Jeremy Gordin’s otherwise outstanding Sunday Independent journalism a little in the shade, even with his amazing revelation that: “Wesizwe Platinum's prosperity is not unrelated to new prospecting permits that were issued to wholly owned subsidiary Bakubung Minerals when Mlambo-Ngcuka was minister of minerals and energy and responsible for approving all permits. The shares issued to Mazibuko-Skweyiya, now worth R64 million, cost her R265 in January 2004.” (Linked) Evo Morales was inaugurated yesterday as President of Bolivia. He said: “We are here to change history”. Links Leon was bankrolled by apartheid spooks, Wayne Madsen Report (951 words) Favours for fine-feathered friends, Jeremy Gordin, Sindy (1641 words) More from Wayne Madsen on the Abramoff - SA connection (837 Words)


  1. Wicked! Has all this hit the South African press? I refer to Tony Leon.

  2. That's an interesting question. There is an article on Abramoff in the hard-copy M&G of Friday which hints at the full relationship (Abramoff-Crystal-Williamson-Leon). That article cannot now be found on the M&G web site. Moneyweb has an article, but skirts the DA connection. Madsen says he has been threatened. It looks like there is a tacit conspiracy to bury the story. Or there is huge activity of lawyers going on, threatening people. Or both. Do you have any ideas? Anybody who would feature this on a bigger scale than I can do?


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