2 January 2006

Allies for Liberation

The Communist University has been encouraging people all along to write, and it has been publishing their writing. Now there is something called www.reporter.co.za/ , belonging to Johncom Media (which owns the Sunday Times and the Sowetan, among other publications). You can register for nothing. Just give your name, an e-mail address, a phone number and a password. They even say they will pay for your work if they use it. We should encourage people to use such opportunities to the full, and try to get some good stories, poems and articles into the media this way. You can also announce your events through this channel. The Communist University has had the privilege of being able to circulate some of Father Joe Falkiner’s writing before now – on Gramsci, for example. When I asked his advice about Liberation Theology, has was kind enough to write a brief but very deep summary of what I take to be the heart of the matter – the rediscovery of an “option for the poor” and a liberatory history within the very Scriptures themselves. He also found a brief history of Liberation Theology by Boff and Boff, tow of the main original protagonists. I have put the two articles together. Another comrade who receives this circulation is Mojalefa Musi. He had a good, long letter published in the City Press on New Year’s Day – but the City Press has not put it up on the Internet. I guess in any case that the letter has been cut from a longer article. It is about the deeper implications of the Merafong protests. I would like to have it and distribute it. There is an article by ANCYL President Fikile Mbalula in that issue of the City Press, also not on the Internet. Does the City Press think its readers don’t use Internet? I wonder why they think that? Links (1): 1. 2006, Falkiner, L and C Boff, Liberation Theology and Scripture (8 pages)


  1. Interesting initiative. Good old Cyril behind this?

  2. Hi SR,

    There is stuff on the "reporter" site about what they are trying to do but I don't think it mentions Cyril Ramaphosa.

    It looks a good idea to me and an obvious way of hitching the print medium and the established media houses to the new Internet media.

    Let's hope that people make it work. At least they will learn more about writing for the media. There is some good, brief advice in the site.


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