17 February 2008

Zimbabwean Workers, Vote!

Zimbabwe has a similar mix of constituency-based elections with a directly-elected President, to Kenya. The nomination lists for the election on 29 March 2008 are currently still open as far as we know. Presidential candidates are Morgan Tsvangirai, MDC; Robert Mugabe, Zanu-PF; Simba Makoni; and Langton Towungana.

We hope to publish details of who the rest of the Parliamentary candidates are, as soon as possible, for the benefit of the Communist University’s Zimbabwean readers. The elections will also be for local government councillors.

In the absence of information direct from the participants, the CU is obliged to depend upon Internet sources. In the case of Zimbabwe these include many sources that are funded by players from outside Zimbabwe, whose identity is usually obscure. Such a source is the Zimbabwe Guardian (“formerly talk Zimbabwe”). Nevertheless, the message (linked below) is clear: The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (
ZCTU) is fully supporting Morgan Tsvangirai and the MDC (Movement for Democratic Change) in the 29 March elections.

To see the ZCTU’s general call for workers to participate in the elections
click here.

Meanwhile in South Africa, Finance Minister Trevor Manuel has gone after the flying-solo peace and anti-arms deal campaigner, Terry Crawford-Browne, in the courts of law, and not for the first time. See the linked report below. To read what Crawford-Browne wrote that got up Trevor’s tip,
click here. Courts have recently become less inclined to restrain publication. It will be interesting to see what happens. In any case, politicians should not be going to the courts for gagging orders.

In Johannesburg, tonight (Monday), at 18h00 at the Wits University Senate House, a 53-minute film called “Uranium Road”, about nuclear energy and South Africa, will be shown and followed by discussion with the maker David Fig and the renewables campaigner Annie Sugrue. For more details,
click here.

Continuing with our “ghost”, or distance learning course on
Karl Marx’s Capital, Volume 1, we offer another link below, to Chapter 2 of the work (“Exchange”), which is only four pages long, and an easy read for anybody. The more chapters you read of “Capital”, the better off you will be.

Click here for the full “ghost programme” on Capital, Volume 1, with links to all the texts in the form of MS-Word downloads.

The Communist University meets again tomorrow (Tuesday), to discuss Vladimir Iyich Ulyanov Lenin’s “
What Is To Be Done?

This post marks the over-topping of the psychologically-important 600 posts mark. It is post number 601. The other psychologically-important mark that we have passed is 1560 subscribers, an increase of 50% in the last few months. Page views have increased, too, at the
amadlandwonye site. Please help us to increase the number of e-mail subscribers, comrades, by all possible legal means. The e-mail list of (mostly) known contacts is the heart and soul of the CU system.

The splendid logo at the top today is borrowed from another Communist University, in Acton, in London. For more details click the link below.

Click on these links:

ZCTU threatens Makoni, Ezekiel Chiwara, Zimbabwe Guardian (297 words)

Manuel seeks court order to gag activist, C Terreblanche, Sindy (426 words)

Capital Volume 1, C2, Exchange, Karl Marx, 1867 (2883 words)

CU of Acton, London, Value, Price and Profit, 20h30, 19 March 2008 (flyer)

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