13 February 2008

Blank Pages in History Should Not Be Allowed

“…blank pages in history should not be allowed. Everything should be told...”

These words are from “Comrade Mzala” (Jabulani Nxumalo), as quoted by SACP Deputy GS Jeremy Cronin in his
2006 essay (also here) on the occasion of the 15th Anniversary of Mzala’s death. Our Mzala archive is here.

The first linked item below is a document that some comrades would prefer not see here, even though it has already been in the public realm for two weeks. The Times’ Xolani Xundu
wrote about it on 1 February 2008. The Communist University publishes and archives such material as a matter of course, because the relationship between Alliance partners is a main part of our study. There are few CU editions that do not contain references to all three Alliance partners.

The document (it is a report from the SACP Western Cape Provincial Working Committee) reveals serious long-term and deep-seated problems in the Western Cape as between the SACP (including SACP members in COSATU affiliates) and the COSATU Provincial Secretary (Tony Ehrenreich), who appears to regard the SACP iteself as “an ungovernable COSATU affiliate”, according to the document.

In Johannesburg, we are sorry to relate, MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai and “two of his officials” were shamefully robbed. The following is from IOL:

“Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai was robbed at his Johannesburg offices on Tuesday evening, police said.
”Spokesperson Thembi Nkhwasu said Tsvangirai and two of his officials were in their offices in Homestead Avenue in Bryanston at about 6pm when they were confronted by three men armed with pistols.”

One of the MDC officials who lost a laptop and other things in this robbery is our good friend, the charming and able contact person of the MDC, Nqobizitha Mlilo. We wish that these well-liked guests of our country will quickly recover their property, and we would like to apologise for the treatment that they have received in Johannesburg. We link their media release, made before the robbery, below.

Our MDC comrades were scheduled to hold a press conference in Johannesburg some time today.

The next two items are from Counterpunch, both good, the first one being a review of Fidel Castro’s book of autobiographical interviews, called “My Life”. (Illustrations are of Cde Fidel writing, and a facsimile of his signature) We hope the book is available in SA.

In “Reform or Revolution” Rosa Luxemburg wrote: “The relation of the poor to the rich, taken as a base for socialism, the principle of co-operation as the content of socialism, the "most just distribution" as its aim, and the idea of justice as its only historic legitimisation–with how much more force, and more fire did Weitling defend that sort of socialism fifty years ago. However, that genius of a tailor did not know scientific socialism. If today, the conception tore into bits by Marx and Engels a half century ago is patched up and presented to the proletariat as the last world of social science, that too, is the art of a tailor but it has nothing of a genius about it.”

Our fifth item, from Ann Crotty, is a good example of the indignation of the bourgeois journalist in the presence of unfairness. Fairness and unfairness are found by the bourgeois in the perfect consummation of the marriage of supply and demand in the capitalist market place. This mechanical conjuncture provides capitalism with its only substitute for a moral yardstick. For all the sentimental heat that it generates, bourgeois agonising over “the relation of the poor to the rich” is hollow. It leads nowhere, but only to further despair. As Rosa Luxemburg showed, when the keystone goal of socialism is absent, all else must fall away; leaving only continued capitalism, and a liberal sense of guilt.

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