28 February 2008

Losing The Plot

“I continue to see allegations that the Scorpions is full of Apartheid era security operatives and yet strangely have never ever seen an actual name of one mentioned, despite the fact that such a revelation backed by evidence would be most welcome in the media. In fact you don't even have to go to the media simply list the names here. A simple list will suffice describing who each Scorpions member is and which Apartheid era security apparatus he/she worked for.”

The above is an anonymous denialist’s comment in response to yesterday’s
Communist University blog, headed Truth Will Out. The first linked item below carries the long version of Sapa’s report, which begins: “Former journalist Ivor Powell outed as author of report”. Others named in the report include Scorpions head Leonard McCarthy, who protected Powell and who defied direct instructions, and DSO Western Cape boss Adrian Mopp who ran an illegal inquiry based on the fabricated report.

The report says that the Scorpions used people who “mostly worked in pre-1994 covert intelligence structures or were ‘apartheid officers’. They were involved in disinformation campaigns and had links with foreign intelligence agencies in the UK, France, Germany and the USA.”

The way that this report has been handled by the bourgeois press is a good indication of how little they can be trusted. All the ones that we have seen have shortened and downplayed the story and even tried to paint the scoundrely Scorpions as victims who were duped by “peddlers”. How newspaper journalists can buy such tosh is beyond belief. They are pushing a grossly false distinction. Of course, the Scorpions were the peddlers and the peddlers were the Scorpions. The whole lot must be swept up, together and dealt with in a way that stolps their nonsense forever. Picture: bottled Scorpions.

We now have every right to expect that even more names will be named in the near future and that charges will be laid. When Parliament's Joint Standing Committee on Intelligence (JSCI) says: “the Scorpions produced the 'Browse Mole' report illegally and in contravention of their mandate,” then charges have to follow. A body like the JSCI cannot declare something illegal and then not act on it. It cannot mimic the founder NPA head, Bulelani Ngcuka, the man who brought the whole poisonous gang together, and who said that he had a prima facie case but would not charge.

Nor should there be any Scorpion-like dragging out of the process. These cowboys must see the inside of the slammer, pronto! It is no longer enough just to dissolve the verminous brood. The treasonous arachnids must have their day in court, so that they can be properly convicted, without the tiniest hope of appeal, and then they must smell the hoosegow for a long time!

The four yobbos who brought shame upon the Free State University with their vile video prank and their violation of mothers are going to be charged, too. The puny misery that these nasty little perps are going to suffer will be as nothing compared to the damage that they have already done to their families, their other connections, and even to their language. Talk about disgrace!

The value of this story is to document it, and to have it ready for all the times in the future when the minority from whence it comes may ever again be tempted to pretend to be superior. Other than that, the CU does not intend to reflect too long upon these ignorant hooligans and moral midgets.

Linked below are the basic report, SADTU’s call, a report of the march, and a report of the University’s intention to press charges.

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