25 January 2008

One And Only ANC

Here, linked below, are the third and fourth of the nine resolutions of the 52nd ANC National Conference, on Economic Transformation, and on Climate Change.

Once again, these are base documents going forward. All cadres need to have a degree of awareness of what is in these resolutions.

The Communist University has archived all the Polokwane resolutions as separate, downloadable, MS-Word files, indexed
on a page at the YCLSA Discussion Forum web site. By the way, that group of 630 subscribers is now our de facto CU discussion forum. Click here, enter your address, and then click “Subscribe” to join the group and take part in the lively discussions.

The rumour that ANC Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe was about to be appointed Deputy President of the country was false. Thanks to Reuters for clearing that one up. "It hasn't happened because it doesn't exist. It is total fiction," said Cde Motlanthe. "We are not preoccupied with the deployment of Mr. Motlanthe. We are preoccupied with the smooth workings between the party structures and those deployed in government," said ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe. See the third item, linked below.

In the ANC Resolution on Organisational Renewal there is a reference to the Imvuselelo Handbook. ANC National Office have been kind enough to provide the CU with a PDF version of this handbook, and from that we have been able to produce an MS-Word version, archived and
downloadable from the Internet. Or use the link below for the usual amadlandawonye archive.

The last two items are government communications (GCIS) on what government is now calling the Electricity Emergency. Thanks to the comrade from Earthlife Africa who sent these media releases to us via the YCLSA Discussion Forum.

There is a new edition of ANC Today.
Click here to open that page on the ANC web site.

Don’t forget the Coming Events, linked at the bottom line; plenty this weekend.

Click on these links:

ANC 52nd National Conference 2007, Resolution on Economic Transformation (2553 words)

ANC 52nd National Conference 2007, Resolution on Climate Change (1890 words)

Top ANC official denies SA government post rumours, Reuters (337 words)

Imvuselelo ANC Branch Handbook, short version (4078 words)

SA Government Electricity Emergency Programme (GCIS) (1173 words)

National Electricity Emergency, GCIS background notes (1440 words)

Coming Events


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