13 January 2008

Mass Mobilisation = Caring Society

We have it at last! The ANC January 8th 2008 Statement, titled “Mass Mobilisation to build a Caring Society” went up on the ANC web site last night.

The Communist University offers it to you here in three forms:

Comrades, this is a very historic document. Any study circle worth its salt should want to quickly download, print, circulate, read and discuss this document. There is a lot in it, including about Political Education, comrades!

The next two linked documents are the SACP and COSATU statements for January 8th. The SACP one is pointed and concrete, while the COSATU one is strangely vague and general. If you have time, bearing in mind the priority of studying the ANC statement, you could contrast and compare these two statements as a discussion project.

Those who thought the ANC Today President’s letter would go down with the previous ANC President were mistaken. See the link below to Msholozi's stirringly-titled letter from : The One And Only ANC!

The final link is to the first partial published report of resolutions from the 52nd ANC National Conference at Polokwane, also from the current ANC Today. This summary also includes and undertaking that the full texts of the resolutions will be published within the next fortnight.

Viva our ANC, Viva!

Click on these links:

Mass Mobilisation to Build a Caring Society, ANC 2008 Statement (7870 words)

96th Anniversary of the ANC, SACP Message (1253 words)

COSATU to ANC on the occasion of the 96th Anniversary (981 words)

The one and only ANC, Jacob Zuma, President, ANC Today (1209 words)

Schools, health care, poverty, Polokwane Resolutions 1, ANC Today (1198 words)

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