18 January 2008

ANC Today With Feedback

ANC President Jacob Zuma has begun to make some good changes. In Friday’s online “ANC Today” (the full article is linked below) he writes:

“Over the next few weeks and months, readers should expect to see a number of changes in ANC Today, all intended to improve the relevance, vibrancy and impact of this weekly read.

“The Letter from the President will now be published on special occasions only, dealing with important themes and events during the course of the year. The intention is to open up the journal to a diversity of voices, articulating ANC positions. In this regard, there will be weekly contributions from ANC Officials and NEC members.

“As we introduce these changes, we will continue to encourage and value the feedback we receive from readers, better to ensure that the voice of the ANC is heard.

“ANC Today will be an authoritative online voice of the African National Congress and a platform for the accurate expression of the policies and views of our movement. We trust that the diversity of contributors will encourage more debate, and promote better understanding of the movement and its programmes and activities.”

The Communist University is excited by the value here placed on feedback. We hope that “ANC Today” will now go all the way and institute a “Comments” facility under each article. This will be of great value and it will take the wind right out of the sails of the Mail and Guardian, with its pretentious, trumped-up white-male-dominated and anti-communist “Thought Leader” blog-kennel.

The next item below is also from Friday’s “ANC Today”. It is a summary of the resolutions around the prioritisation of creation of decent jobs for people in South Africa. We still await the full texts of the resolution. “ANC Today” says they will be out in a week from now.

Meanwhile ANC Youth League President Fikile Mbalula takes our arguments right into the pages of the bourgeois press, as we must always try to do, with an article in Friday’s Star, linked below. Cde Mbalula was elected to the ANC NEC at Polokwane.

The CU has been hard hit by power blackouts, even to the extent of being crippled from continuing the critique of Eskom started on Thursday and which then appeared big time in the mainstream media (MSM) on Friday. But the YCLSA Discussion Forum has taken the baton and produced several extraordinary threads on this topic, more well-informed and more passionate than anything you will find in the bourgeois MSM. Anyone can read the discussions by going to
http://groups.google.com/group/yclsa-eom-forum. If you want to take part in the discussions yourself, you are welcome to join the group.

Click on these links:

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