22 May 2007

Zico Speaks!

Zico Tamela is the new SACP Gauteng Provincial Secretary. His election to this position, in his own estimation, was “historic” (see the link below). However the political significance of the change of personnel is not yet clear to the Communist University or the world at large. Cde Zico has not published his views extensively or widely, although he has often been urged to do so in this forum.

Perhaps all that is about to change. As Provincial Secretary and along with newly-elected Provincial Chairperson Nkosiphendule Kolisile, Cde Zico has called a press conference for 10h00 today.

More urgently, please see the next item linked below, being an article published in the Mail and Guardian last Friday by Shireen Pardesi (pictured), Chief Negotiator for the combined Public Service unions currently in dispute with their employer the government, over their pay claim and other claims.

The YCL National Committee met at the weekend. Their full statement is below.

Also from the Mail and Guardian, see the linked article by Darryl Accone, long a luminous critic within the South African press as well as an author of books. Accone writes here about the very shocking race-prejudice still suffered by people of Chinese origin in this country. How can it be acceptable that trade unionists and others of our movement can tolerate the menace of race prejudice in any form, considering what we have been through in South Africa?

Lastly, the Commander in Chief is not stopping. See the link for President Fidel Castro’s reflection. Another one has been received will be published here as soon as possible. One in one day is enough.

The Communist University meets today at 17h00 in the SACP boardroom, 3rd floor, 1 Leyds Street, Braamfontein. The topic is an account of the Paris Commune from
The Civil War in France, by Karl Marx.

Click on these links:

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Yellow peril slurs stain rainbow nation, D Accone, Mail and Guardian (749 words)

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