1 May 2007

Pen and Sword

SACP GS Dr Blade Nzimande made a speech at the main COSATU May Day Rally in Secunda, Mpumalanga. The speech (linked) concretises very well the challenges facing the SA working class.

Sanders Research is a site that has been characterised here as a “good conspiracy theory site”. This was probably a hasty judgement. Of course there is nothing wrong with being a good conspiracy site. But in fact Sanders research is more positive and more scholarly than even the best of such sites. It is firmly based on a proper understanding of the ascent from the abstract to the concrete, and the true meaning of the phrase “political economy”.

Sanders Research also happens to use an arrangement that is not very far from the Communist University’s. It sends out e-mails while archiving articles that are linked from those e-mails. But it has been going longer - 10 years – and consequently has a good perspective on the rise of aggressive military Imperialism during the past decade. The linked review of the book “Travesty”, written by a Sanders Researcher, shows some of this.

The bombing of Yugoslavia and the “trial” (and death, most likely murder) of Slobodan Milosevich were events that occurred on the periphery of our South African consciousness. This review suggests that we should have been paying more attention. It suggests that it was this Yugoslavian episode which rehearsed the pattern subsequently used in Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Somalia, and in different ways, in some European states. This amounts to an deliberate roll-out of military domination that is intended to cover the entire world. To enable it, international law had to be stood on its head. Read the linked article to see how this was done.

Not unrelated to this process are the machinations of the World Bank. The latest part of this general story is the scandal involving Paul Wolfowitz. This scandal exposes the rotten nature of the bank, as is shown in the next linked item, also from Sanders Research.

The CU received a direct, anonymous e-mail about the World Bank containing a denunciation by Kenya’s former permanent secretary for ethics and governance, Dr. John Githongo. See the link below.

And in the last listed link below, on the same topic, Venezuela announced that it is withdrawing from the World Bank and the IMF. See the report from the BBC below.

In the very select “Links” section of the Sanders Research site there is one to
http://www.g2mil.com/ , an “independent military research portal”. Within that site can be found “The magazine of future warfare”. The editorial of that magazine (Spring 2007) happens to be about the formation of the US “Africa Command”. Read it for an insider’s view of the nature of the military monster that has been unilaterally foisted upon Africa by the USA. What the hell gives them the idea that they can do that without asking us?

Click on these links:

2007 May Day Address at Secunda Rally, SACP GS Blade Nzimande (3431 words)

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Why They Fight at World Bank, Anne Williamson, Sanders Research (2340 words)

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