7 May 2007

Prison for the assassin!

The relentless cruelty and shameless hypocrisy of the US Imperialists in relation to the Cuban Miami Five and the corresponding and related case of Luis Posada Carriles present problems for something like the Communist University. In the search for news, for brightness, and freshness, we fail to repeat on each occasion, as President Fidel Castro never fails to do: “Prison for the assassin! Freedom for the Five Heroes!”

Fidel’s old friend, Saul Landau, has shown one way to do the business. It is a form that was considered a fatal weapon by the ancient peoples, known as satire, which is to say a truth that is sharper and more pointed and inescapable than the bare truth itself. Therefore do read the first linked item about the “Geezer Assassin” (Posada). It leaves him where he should be - with nothing.

Terry Jones is another one who wields the weapon. Our thanks must go to the comrade who sent me the link (see below). For those who may have missed the original story, some British matelots were captured in Iranian waters, very well cared for, and then released and flown home. They were received in an atmosphere of hysteria reminiscent of the “Relief of Mafeking”. This was a case of “first time as farce, second time also as farce”.

This evening (Tuesday) at 17h00 in the SACP boardroom, COSATU House, 1 Leyds Street, Braamfontein, the Communist University meets to discuss Part 1 of “
The Class Struggles in France, 1848-50” by Karl Marx. This chapter, which is an account of real events, is also a patient and very full account of the class forces at play and their interactions. It is a model of political economy. Take it paragraph by paragraph. Karl Marx is a clever writer. He can tell a story with many half-hidden treasures in it for those who take the time to find them.

Click on these links:

Posada Walks - Advice from a Geezer Assassin, Counterpunch (2892 words)

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