28 December 2005

You want a revolution

Dear Comrades, In case you are getting bored in this time between Christmas and New Year, here is some good reading. Peter McLaren and his colleague have really laid it down on organic intellectuals and critical pedagogy - which is nothing less than the theory of educating, organising, and mobilising as demanded by the SACP constitution. Secondly, here is another installment in our occasional series of “Revolutionary Classics”, from the first of Karl Marx’s three great books on France. And thirdly, via our Cuban comrades, an update on the baseball situation from the USA. Yours in struggle, Dominic Links (3): 1. 2005, McLaren and Fischman, Gramsci, Freire, Organic Intellectuals, (15 Pages) 2. Marx, Class Struggles in France, Part 1, The Defeat of June, 1848 (12 pages) 3. Bullying Cuba out of the ballpark, Baltimore Sun (2 pages)


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