16 December 2005

Hong Kong and Cuba

http://amadlandawonye.wikispaces.com/is the Communist University on the Internet. This circulation is archived there as " Current News". Register a username and password at Wikispaces (for free) to use the comment facility - or to start your own "wikispace". Dear Comrades, The first item is COSATU’s own paper direct from Zwelinzima Vavi, General Secretary of COSATU, in Hong Kong. The second is statements of a number of representatives who are quite unequivocal. There are links to web sites where further information can be got. I have put a link to “Our World Is Not For Sale” (OWINFS) on the Communist University web site. There is a good summary of Fidel Castro’s speech on the 30th Anniversary of the start of the Cuban military mission to Angola (and that full speech is carried separately). There is also a summary of a very long speech given by Fidel at his old University. I can forward it to anyone who wants it (44 pages and all good stuff). The third speech from Fidel is to the Cuba-CARICOM Summit this month, which is relevant to the deliberations in Hong Kong. See also COSATU’s brief statement on Khutsong. Yours in struggle, Dominic Links/ Attachments (6): 1. COSATU Press statement on NAMA, ZV, HK (3 pages) 2. ZV, Statements ex Dec 14 Hong Kong News Conference (1 page) 3. Summary of 2 speeches by Dr Fidel Castro (2 pages) 4. Speech, Dr F Castro Ruz - 30, 49 years after Angola, Granma (7 pages) 5. President Fidel Castro to 2nd Cuba - CARICOM Summit (2 Pages) 6. Cosatu statement on Khutsong (1 page)


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