19 December 2005

State and Revolution

http://amadlandawonye.wikispaces.com/ is the Communist University on the Internet. This circulation is archived there as " Current News". Register a username and password at Wikispaces (for free) to use the discussion facility there, or go to http://domza.net/ to comment on this message. Dear Comrades, There’s nothing in the papers! Or very little. Ariel Sharon is in hospital after having a stroke. The Mail and Guardian displayed the racist fake “conspiracy” e-mails, to their eternal shame. The same paper apologised in the same edition to Dr Blade Nzimande, General Secretary of the SACP, for a previous falsehood that they had published. Apologies are cheap. Learning from mistakes is harder, it seems. The WTO Hong Kong summit is over. It appears that some kind of “modus vivendi” (way of carrying on) was worked out and that the WTO itself survives. First reports, news conferences and press releases about the summit results are not likely to be reliable. It is better to withhold judgement until the documents have appeared and been read by the participants, and we have their reaction. So we are back to another virtual session of the ever-growing course of Revolutionary Classics. The next one will be Lenin’s “Left Wing Communism” and it will be followed by Marx’s three great books on revolutionary class politics in France. The Communist University is taking a shape that is designed for the long term, although it is not yet complete. It is intended to work in the following way: I blog this message at http://domza.net/ . The blog automatically e-mails it to the list of subscribers, via the Google group http://groups.google.com/group/Communist-University/ . There will be links to documents in the e-mails, but no attachments. Everything will be archived at http://amadlandawonye.wikispaces.com/ , including the blog (which is the same as this e-mail). Not all of this is working yet. I am attempting to get all your names on to the group, but have not yet succeeded. If you need to keep getting the documents as attachments, please let me know. I will create a special list for people who need the attachments. They may be in .txt (plain text) format in future. But the “default” will be links-only. I will keep repeating this message. Apart from this daily system there is the Communist University Library at http://cu.domza.net/ . This is the material from the CU CD (which is still available). It amounts to a basic proletarian library in a convenient form that is accessible to millions of workers. Have a look! Yours in struggle, Dominic Links/ Attachments (1): 1917, Lenin, State & Revolution C2 & 3 (16 pages) The Communist University is: A live session scheduled at http://amadlandawonye.wikispaces.com/Communist+University+2006 Education, organisation and mobilisation at http://amadlandawonye.wikispaces.com/ A daily e-mail update. Subscribe at http://groups.google.com/group/Communist-University/ An on-line library of classics and courses at A blog at http://domza.net/ A person you can e-mail: dominic.tweedie@gmail.com


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