23 August 2015

Loudspeaker Car, Leafletting

Agitprop, Part 9a

Loudhailers on bakkie and on kombi

Loudspeaker Car, Leafletting

A form of broadcasting that is used at local level is the loudhailer on a car, as illustrated above.

It is used at election time to get the vote out on the Election Day, and to announce or to advertise public meetings during the campaign period.

There is a section in the ANC Election Manual about loudhailing. This is what it says:


Loud-hailing can be very effective if it is done properly. It is best used in strong and ANC frontier (contested) areas to inform people about things like mobile units for IDs, voter registration days, and Election Day. Either use a hand-held loud-hailer or one mounted on top of a car...

The person using the hailer should be trained and clear about what to say. Some people like to become pop stars or clowns when they have a loud-hailer and they can waste our resources and irritate voters.

Here are some tips:

   Speak slowly and clearly

   Write a script for what must be said and stick to it

   Drive slowly and responsibly, don't use flashy cars, put ANC posters on sides of car.

   Do not hang out of windows

   Never shout as you will not be heard

   Do not make comments at passers-by – especially women.


This is an effective method of broadcasting. One person standing in the right place can reach thousands of people with a good leaflet.

Put the important information up front and make it very clear.

Have a contact address, phone number and/or e-mail and web site address on your flyer.

If it is about an event, make sure it has on it the date, time and venue (or gathering point); organisation(s) calling or hosting the event, the purpose of the action

Do not harass people.

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