24 August 2015


Agitprop, Part 9b

Design for an exhibition stand


Exhibitions are a means of mass communication that the revolutionaries do not use very much in South Africa, but elsewhere they are seen at festivals and at specialist events that the revolutionaries take part in.

The basic unit of an exhibition is a modular piece of floor space that the exhibitor can hire, and erect on it a “stand” for the duration of the event. The stands can vary quite a lot, but the one illustrated above is quite typical. It has a “reception” type of desk where a person could sit and welcome the people, and provide information about the matter being exhibited.

Around the stand are display panels and fixed exhibits.

There would need to be a good supply of business cards and most likely leaflets and pamphlets.

Sometimes stands take the form of small meeting rooms, with chairs and a round table, where business can be discussed.

Exhibition stands need carpenters and painters and a lot of good planning.

The above applies to indoor exhibition stands. Outdoor ones usually look more like stalls. Here is a wider shot than the previous image used of the French / Italian Communist Party stall at the FĂȘte de l’HumanitĂ©, a festival to support a relatively left-wing publication, in France.

This is a typical stall. It could be set up like this out of doors, or indoors. It is selling literature and clothing, plus in this case, cold drinks for the large crowd.

·        The above is to introduce an original reading-text: Broadcasting, Loudhailing and Exhibitions.


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