29 December 2006

God of Changes

The SACP New Year message looks backward and forward like the dialectical Roman God Janus, the god of doorways and openings, and no doubt of revolutions as well. Read it by the link below.

News24 picked up on the SACP statement with a full article. See link.

Amy Musgrave of the Business Day covers some of the same ground but also takes in both the YCL and COSATU for a concretisation of all the abstract parts in a very Marxist way. See link below.

Bonile Nqiyaza in the Star concentrates on COSATU, the proletarian giant. See link.

Lastly SADTU, the COSATU-affiliated teachers union, and COSAS, the Congress of South African Students, made statements on matriculation competition and the way forward. See the link.

Click on these links:

SACP New Year Message (1897 words)

Corruption is biggest threat says SACP, News24 (516 words)

BIG for SA poor on COSATU agenda, Amy Musgrave, Business Day (427 words)

COSATU claims victories in year 2006, Bonile Nqiyaza, The Star (796 words)

SADTU, COSAS statements on 2006 matric results, way forward (1396 words)


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