31 December 2006

Aid Without Mercy

The goddess Ashera (consort of Jehovah in the old Jewish pantheon) looks like a jolly girl if the image of her on the right is anything to go by. She should have been on the blog and the e-mails yesterday, to go with the excellent article Stand up for Herod, by Uri Cohen, but she was left out by mistake. So here she is again, helping us to see out the old year.

Today, as promised, we offer another piece from
21st Century Socialism, one that will show in general and with many detailed examples, how the US Imperialists like to play both sides against the middle, as the London expression has it.

The article puts it this way: Having maximum control of both pro-government and opposition forces is the ideal position for the world’s dominant power.

Nothing is as it seems in the world of the US spooks. They may change anything at will, as
Justin Raimondo pointed out in a piece used here yesterday about Somalia. Salim Lone made similar points last week.

2007 is going to be a difficult year. The tricks of the US Imperialists will be well in evidence. You have been warned.

Click on this link:

Aid without mercy, Hilary Keenan, 21st Century Socialism (4368 words)


  1. Thanks for linking to that article (Aid Without Mercy - 21stcenturysocialism). I found it very useful in explaining why the US sometimes appears to backing progressive movements or organisations. I also came across another interesting article on this site, this time about Cuba.


    The author was arguing that Cuba is not going to take a "Chinese" path. I think this is an important question and could be another area of study.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I'll look at that Cuba article. 21st Century Socialism looks like an addition to a select group of web sites. I think it only started three months ago, and there is already a good body of work on there.


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