18 December 2005

Hong Kong Globaloney Exposed

http://amadlandawonye.wikispaces.com/ is the Communist University on the Internet. This circulation is archived there as " Current News". Register a username and password at Wikispaces (for free) to use the discussion facility there, or go to http://domza.net/ to comment on this message. Dear Comrades, The linked/attached document containing the joint COSATU/CUT statement was sent by Cde Zwelinzima Vavi, General Secretary of COSATU. This is as good as, or better than, any other report from the Hong Kong WTO talks. Here one can practically see Imperialism’s face up close (as well as sample its gobbledegook language – also see the other two documents). As Elmer Gantry said of The Devil: “I seen ‘im plenny o’ times!” Hong Kong is a major battleground. But otherwise it looks as if this year of struggle is about to go into retirement for a couple of weeks before handing over to its successor. At last. One thing I have noticed this year. The retailers and the malls have finally realised that there are more people turned off by “carols” than otherwise. So suddenly, no more carols! Hooray! They will not be missed. The Communist University never sleeps. The CU blog is back in business at http://domza.net/ and it feeds into the web site here . This is thanks to a new piece of wikispace technical wizardry. The net result is that these short introductions of mine will be available in both places from now on. You can comment on them in the blog or in the wikispace. That will be nice. You are still welcome to send me e-mails, but blog comments and wikispace discussions are visible to all, which is in principle better and more in keeping with Freirean principles . I need to warn you that there will be some more changes. I am going to try to phase out the e-mail attachments (but not the e-mails). So please try to get used to using links instead of attachments. If you would like to express any view about this, please do so. But basically I have to rationalise the technology of this thing so that I can continue to manage it. So, in come links and out go attachments – soon. If this is going to cause you problems please let me know, and I will make a plan for you if I can. Check out http://cu.domza.net if you wish. It will soon have the full Communist University archive of books and courses, which has previously only been available on CD. Yours in struggle, Dominic Links/ Attachments (1): 1. COSATU and CUT, Brazil, at WTO Hong Kong, statement (2 pages) 2. Deciphering the Language of Globalization, Counterpunch (2 pages) 3. Calling Rousseau, Privatizing the Social Contract, Cpunch (3pages)

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