19 February 2007

Hogg On Fire

US Professor, Queen of BEE, Chancellor of Fort Hare, Director of ABSA and Denel, Road Accident Fund, Transport SETA, you name it, this is Danisa Baloyi, the most connected person we have ever heard of. She is also connected, like to a concrete overcoat, to J Arthur Brown, the small-time punk who is going to take his friend Danisa straight to the bottom.

But Dr Baloyi is standing by her man for now, and is furious that the Financial Services Board Inspection Report into Fidentia Asset Management (Pty) Ltd was “leaked” to the media.

Here it is, folks. Follow the link below for our dowload icon, or download it
from here or from here. It is amazing reading.

Let us give thanks to Alec Hogg, ace journalist of Moneyweb, for making available this very important public document, and for his blistering hot piece on Brown and Baloyi, the deceiving duo of the kleptomaniac clique centred on Fidentia, but spreading out who knows where? See the link below.

Also from Moneyweb, see the last link below concerning Eunice Komane, the serving High Commissioner for South Africa in Botswana, who has just been given a large amount of US dollars by the US stockbroking firm Merrill Lynch. What value she is to give back for all these dollars is not very easy to see. But the deal does not trouble Joel Neshitenzhe’s conscience. Nor do the lucky, happy people and their US sugar-daddies regard it as strange that their consortium Tselane Basadi is previously famous only for splashing out an over-the-odds amount of money to purchase a urinal making company.

As they say in England, this is taking the piss. For some great writing that (among other things) illuminates this characteristic British phrase very well, please click on this external link and go to
Getting it right: the security agencies in modern society, a treat of an article by Robin Ramsay, from Lobster magazine.

Click on these links:

FSB Report on Fidentia (1630 KB PDF download)

Management Arthur Brown style, Alec Hogg, Moneyweb (1269 words)

SA diplomat in lucrative BEE deal, Cameron and Cobbett, Moneyweb (727 words)


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